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HEC101V– Assignment 1 – 44496133 Pg 2

&&&4 @HOD SsHeNI PAsHNoVIs SHeDo3DOOP@e% A




T"e @HO $e&'&!&o' s!resses "e)%!"+ - 'o! &%%'ess7 De&'&!&o' s!)!es p"5s&,)% )spe,! o "e)%!" s"ou%$ 'o!  6&e8e$ &' &so%)!&o' s&',e "e)%!" $oes'*! $epe'$ o'%5 o' p"5s&,)% 8e%%3e&'.+ )%!"ou." ) perso'*s p"5s&,)% "e)%!"+ ,)' &'%ue',e )%% )spe,!s o $e6e%op#e'! >.re)!er  or %esser  $e.ree


7&64J@eC DesHE/OC3ROpHD  S!OHCo'F


OC JV)Re)s T&#p> S!)CMPSEE HAT @e%%'ess ,o'!&'uu# $es,r&es "e)%!" )s e/&s!&'. o' ) ,o'!&'uu# r )'.&'. r# op!&#)% "e)%!" !o $e)!"7 Our s!)!e o "e)%!" ,o'!&'u)%%5  %u,!u)!es )%o'. !"&s 8e%%'ess ,o'!&'uu# J6)r&ous re)so's !"us &!s &#poss&%e > &' ) s!)!e o ,o#p%e!e #e'!)%+ p"5s&,)%+ so,&)%+ e,o'o#&,+ -e'6&ro'#e'!)% "e)%!" )%% !"e !&#e7


(textbook p !-"#NOTES$ Hea%t& E' i ))a%%* 'efine' a$- +'e 'e%ibe,at t,)t),n of p%ann' %ea,nin opo,t)nitie abo)t &ea%t& .i& , aie' 01o%)nta,* &ane in &ea%t&-,e%at' be&a1io, 2i1 in'i1i')a% opo,t)nit* of a&ie1in o,e fa1o),ab%e poition on 'e &ea%t& ontin))

(e''* 3 Tobia4 566"$ 27#8


Hea%t& e')ation in%)'e a%% of t&e fo%%o.in (H)b%e* 566"#$9 bein oti1ate' to a'opt &ea%t&-p,ootin be&a1io),9 &e%pin in'i1i')a% to ake an' ip%eent info,e' &ea%t& 'eiion9 &anin be&a1io), 1o%)nta,i%* to ip,o1e &ea%t&


Ho.e1e,4 &ea%t& e')ation .i%% not be )ef)% if on%* kno.%e'e of &ea%t& i)e i i1en to anot&e, pe,on (t&e info,ation-i1in o'e% of &ea%t& e')ation# .it&o)t )n'e,tan'in t&e  po%itia%4 oia% an' eonoi it)ation in .&i& a pe,on %i1e8


C,e.e (5662$5:# ite t&e fo%%o.in exap%e$ Mot ot&e, .i%% kno. intinti1e%* .&en t&ei, &i%',en , a%no),i&e'8 A%% t&e info a1ai%ab%e abo)t a%n)t,ition 3 oo' fee'in .i%% be of no )e if 'e ot&e, ant affo,' 'e foo'4 )a, o, e1en at&e 2%i&t 'e fi,e 2te,i%ie t&e .ate,8


T&e &oo% tea&e, &a an ipo,tant ,o%e to p%a* in p,o1i'in kno.%e'e a .e%% a 'e1e%opin &ea%t&* attit)'e an' be&a1io), fo, %ea,ne, at an ip,eionab%e tie of t&ei, %i1e8 ACA 'HIfft - IMPSoSeH;<AD;SAAP CHipP-a<aE / InHiMPEAD Cont,o% Sp,EDHI= / EffHE CHASE PO> ; De1HA?e-DITLL

&4T"e )&# o He)%!" e$u,)!&o' &s !o ,re)!e )8)re'ess - )$$ress !"e #)'5 "e)%!"3r e%)!e$ &ssues ),e$ 5 s!u$e'!s )'$ !"e&r )#&%&es !o$)5 8"&," &',%u$e &ssues re.)r$&'. #e'!)%+ p"5s&,)%+ se/u)%+ so,&)% "e)%!"+ - )#&%5 $o#es!&, "e)%!"+ )use pre6e'!&o'+ sus!)',e )use+ ,o'su#er "e)%!"+ -+ &'ur5 pre6e'!&o'+ perso')% s)e!5 -  &rs!3)&$7 e'6&ro'#e'!)% "e)%!"&&4He)%!" e$u,)!&o' &',%u$es "e)%!" &'s!ru,!&o'+ #)&'!e')',e o "e)%!"+ - pre6e'!&o' e$u,)!&o' )ou! $&se)se+ )s 8e%% )s !o ,o'!ro% !"e spre)$ o ep&$e#&, $&se)ses %&9e HIV AIDS7

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