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Homework 1 Classifying Triangles And Quadrilaterals

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This 4.G.2 CCSS aligned geometry packet includes 18 practice sheets to teach/reinforce geometry concepts about classifying polygons (triangles and quadrilaterals). These sheets can be used to introduce a concept, review a concept, or send home as reinforcement for homework. An answer key is provided.
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Geometry skills included in this packet:
-Page 1 Naming Triangles: Vertices
-Page 2 Classify Triangles: Angles
-Page 3 More Practice: Classify Triangles by Angles
-Page 4 Classify Triangles: Angles (Complete the chart)
-Page 5 Triangle Sort: Angles
-Page 6 Triangles: Angles (Multiple Choice/Open Response)
-Page 7 Classify Triangles: Sides
-Page 8 More Practice: Classify Triangles by Sides
-Page 9 Triangle Sort: Sides
-Page 10 Classify Triangles: Angles & Sides (Chart)
-Page 11 Identify Quadrilaterals
-Page 12 Classify Quadrilaterals
-Page 13 Quadrilateral Hierarchy
-Page 14 Analyze Quadrilaterals
-Page 15 More Practice: Classify Quadrilaterals
-Page 16 Classify Quadrilaterals (Multiple Choice/Open Response)
-Page 17 Quadrilateral Sort: Angles
-Page 18 Explain It: Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Question formats include open response and multiple choice.

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