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Kyson Remi Essay Remix Music

Given that Berlin producer Jian Kellett Liew—a.k.a. Kyson—likes to highlight organic-sounding textures in his electronic soundscapes, Blackstone is a fitting title for his sophomore studio album. “Drains of the Red Sea” opens with shimmering shoegaze guitar pumped through a rippling delay pedal. As hushed beats and minimal percussion seep into the mix, a looped female vocal seems to appear out of nowhere. This and the following “Remi” closely recall latter-day Slowdive, when the 5 EP found the band eschewing affected guitars for an electro-ambient direction on par with Seefeel, A R Kane, and Labradford. But Kyson’s love for hip-hop and sampled records is what makes Blackstone sound more innovative than retrospective. “Soul Person” is a perfect example of what happens when a third element is born from braiding electronic dream-pop with darker-sounding drones, pulsing urban beats, and an Auto-Tuned vocal that’s sublimely blended into the background. The slightly soulful “I Never Knew” and the moody “Ocean Tides” hint at a future direction that might incorporate more vocals.

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